What I've Done

Some examples of work that I've done can be seen below. I have been developing for Web, Mobile, and Desktop for over 10 years. There isn't much that I haven't done over that time, and even less that I haven't seen.

FLAVORx was developed for a pharmaceutical company of the same name. The app allows users to find flavoring options for medications and partner pharmacies. The data is consumed via a JSON API. The application uses geolocation to help users find nearby pharmacies.

KnotFriends was a start-up in Baltimore, Maryland. I worked with KnotFriends as Lead Developer and developed a customer to customer e-commerce website for the buying and selling of neck ties. The original site was developed in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework. The site was then converted to WordPress utilizing a customized version of WooCommerce to enable customers to list their own items for sale.

Xavier Rudd is an Australian singer/songwriter that plays music that stretches across many genres including folk, blues, indie folk, and folk rock. He is a multi-instrumentalist who's repertoire includes the guitar, slide guitar, drums, harmonica, yirdaki, and didgeridoo. Xavier Rudd has been featured on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and had his music used in multiple feature length films including "Surfer, Dude" and "The Thin Green Line". Xavier's album, "Koonyum Sun", reached #9 on the Billboard Charts…

Provided support for WordPress website. Migrated site from one hosting provider to another. Provided front-end updates to make the website responsive.

Zonas – Find, Explore, Connect is an iPhone Application to connect resort owners and property managers with their guests. The application utilizes location services, push notifications, and custom map overlays in the Google Maps API. The app is written entirely in Objective-C. I used AFNetworking to consume the public API and implemented log in via Facebook using the Facebook SDK.